Alpine 106

in November 2014 while attending a Boeing 787 training course in Renton i came in contact with Martin who happened to have an Alpine 106 in his garage. This was north of Seattle in the town of Shoreline.

The car has been sitting in this garage for the last 25 years and was also for sometime stored outside under a tree…

Martin never wanted to sell the 106. see also this thread:

Curbside Classic: Alpine A 106 – How We Found One Of The Rarest French Cars Ever

After visiting Martin for about four times in a timespan of two years he was willing to sell the car to me.



Now the car has been picked up and trucked to Oakland from where it will be shipped in a container to Rotterdam the Netherlands.

Once it is in my workshop the restoration can begin.


Here some photo’s taken in Richmond  California before it was loaded into a sea container.



Latest news the A 106 has arrived in Rotterdam the Netherlands and will be taken to het new home in the coming week.

Photo’s to follow…