Alpine a106 Barnfind

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Story about the transport and restoration of a Renault Alpine a106.

in November 2014 while attending a Boeing 787 training course in Renton i came in contact with Martin who happened to have an Alpine 106 in his garage.  A real barnfind!

This was north of Seattle in the town of Shoreline.

The car has been sitting in this garage for the last 25 years and was also for sometime stored outside under a tree…

Martin never wanted to sell the 106.

After visiting Martin for about three times in a timespan of two years he was willing to sell the car to me.

Now the car has been picked up and trucked to Oakland from where it will be shipped in a container to Rotterdam the Netherlands.

Once it is in my workshop the restoration can begin.

Here some photo’s taken in Richmond  California before it was loaded into a sea container.

After the car arrived in Rotterdam harbour it was cleared by customs. From here the container was loaded onto a smaller ship and via the river Rijn and Twente Channel it arrived in Enschede were the car was unloaded from the sea container.

From Enschede i could pick-up the A106 with a trailer and bring it to it’s new home where it will be restored in the next few years.

Restoration Alpine 106 can begin.

While removing the passenger seat, as a result the original Washington license plate was found.

A new front embleem and the missing “A” was purchased from  in the south of the Netherlands.


Very rusty!

The windshield had been left in place all the time to provide stiffness to the bodyshell.
After the bodyshell was reconnected to the chassis, the windshield has been removed.

Restauratie van alpine a106
body reinstalled to the chassis.
Now the glasfiber body has been re-attached to the chassis.  New sheetmetal parts had to be made, the old ones were heavenly rusted.
I always enjoy making sheetmetal panels.
Here some foto’s to illustrate.
These panels had  to be replaced.

Glasfiber body riveted  to the chassis.

new hubcaps!

side floorpans had to be replaced since the old ones were totally rusted. panels are welded to the chassis and riveted with original aluminum nails to the body doorsill.

Interior and inside trunk painted .

The colour is light blue like the car was original.

Dashboard and inside of trunk painted in the lightblue color. Same as it was before.

Upholstery was done by a specialist.

The seats were done by de Fa. Weel in Alkmaar and they did a great job!

Also the doorpanels were done by Fa.Weel in Alkmaar.

The firewall has been covered with a dampingmaterial.

At the end of October 2019 the 106 will go to the paintshop.

Upholstery was done by a specialist.

Interior being made by Fa. Weel in Alkmaar.

Now the doors can be installed as wel as the alu raingutter and the rearside windows. we are getting there slowly.